About us

Neotel is a hostel situated at Passenger Port Terminal D, which is an ideal location for travellers staying in Tallinn for a short period of time. The hostel, which was opened in summer 2019, offers 10 freshly renovated and light-filled rooms, accommodating up to 27 people. There is a shared bathroom and toilets, a shared kitchen with the necessary appliances and gadgets and a comfortable rest area. Neotel is perfect for a bigger group or travellers who are comfortable sharing rooms with other people.

The modernly decorated rooms include 7 two person, 1 three person, 1 four person and 1 six person rooms. The rate of the double room is starting at 49 euro, 4 person room is rated starting at 89 euro and 6 person room starting at 129 euro per night. Guests with children can use a baby crib and chair if you notify us at booking.

Neotel is a keyless hostel. The entrance, rooms and elevators operate with code sent to guests with booking confirmation. The booking is very easy and does not require any pre-registration. Just pick the dates, confirm and you will receive the access code by email and SMS. Check-in is from 3 PM and check-out is at 12 PM - we kindly ask you to respect these times. The hostel also offers free WIFI connection.

Neotel, situated close to Porto Franco port and the Passenger Port, is close to all important landmarks of Tallinn. The old town, restaurants and cafes of the central area and Rotermann quarter are just a 10 minute walk away. Telliskivi creative area - the cultural center of Tallinn - as well as the market at Balti Jaam (central rail station) with their hipster night locales and leisure spots are just a half an hour walk away.


2 person roomstarting at 75 €
3-person room
starting at 90 €
4-person roomstarting at 118 €
6-person room
starting at 180 €


Booking, cancelling and changing booking

When can I check in?
Entry to the hostel is from 3 PM, earlier entry is not possible due to the access code system.

When should I check out?
Check out is at 12 PM latest. The access code will lose its validity at that time and later check out will not be possible due to the system.

Changing or cancelling my booking:
Booking can be changed or cancelled up to 24 hours before date of arrival. We kindly ask you to notify us of the changes by writing to info@neotel.ee. Your payment will be returned by bank/credit card transfer. Booking cannot be changed or cancelled less than 24 hours before date of arrival.

How long will it take to get my payment back?
Depending on the payment method, your payment will be returned in 2-10 working days.

What do I need to do when I arrive and leave the hostel?
Guests can enter the room from 3 PM by using access code. There is no separate check-in. When leaving, the room needs to be vacated at 12 PM latest. The access code works from 3 PM on the date of arrival until 12 PM on the date of leaving.

When can I enter the hotel room and when should I leave?
Guests can enter the room from 3 PM when the access code is activated. Earlier entrance is not possible, unfortunately. The room needs to be vacated at 12 PM latest on the day of departure. The access code will lose its validity at that time. Please take all your belongings with you when leaving because the room cannot be entered without a valid access code.

When will I receive booking confirmation?
Booking confirmation will be sent by email and SMS as soon as your booking is confirmed and paid for. In case you do not receive the confirmation, please check your email address and phone number. Please also check the spam folder of your email. In case of questions or problems, please contact us by email at info@neotel.ee.


How often are the rooms cleaned?
All rooms are cleaned once the visit ends. For longer stays we clean the rooms after every 4-th day.

Does Neotel offer internet access?
Yes, all rooms have free WiFi. You will find the access code in your room.

Can neighbouring rooms be directly connected?
Sadly this is not possible, all rooms are separate.

How may people will fit into one room? It depends on the room. The biggest room is for 6 people, but most of the rooms are for 2 people.
All visitors must be registered at booking time. Only registered people are allowed to stay at the hostel. If this rule is ignored, we will reserve the right to evict the entire party.

Childrens beds
A crib for 0-4 year old babies will be provided to your room if you note it in your booking. Each room can hold at least one crib, if needed you can bring your own.

Do the rooms have a safety locker?
The rooms do not have a safety locker, but there is a locker in the hallaway for each room.

Can I smoke in Neotel?
Smoking is prohibited in all rooms and common areal and will trigger the fire alarm. The person smoking in the hostel (or the person who did the booking) may be fined (1000eur), additionally there will be a bill for damages caused by the smoking.


Neotel OÜ
Kood: 14741071
Uus-Sadama 21, 10120 Tallinn